VA Manufactured Home Loan Calculator

Did you know that a VA manufactured loan requires a down payment and has a shorter term?

Manufactured homeIf you're a veteran of the United States armed forces, you may be eligible for a manufactured home loan backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA home loans and manufactured homes are supplied by VA approved lenders. The Veteran's Administration does not loan money directly for VA mortgages.

VA Manufactured Home Down Payment Requirement

It's common knowledge that VA home loans are zero down payment, and for new and existing homes, that's true. But did you know that manufactured homes require a 5% minimum down payment?

Manufactured homes tend to have a higher default rate than stick built or modular homes. Consequently, many VA lenders avoid financing manufactured homes. The VA Department of Veteran Affairs establishes the guidelines for lenders who finance manufactured homes. One of the lending rules is a 5% minimum down payment for a manufactured home.

Manufactured Home Loan Terms

Another requirement for manufactured housing is the loan term. The VA loan program offers 30 and 15 year repayment terms, however, manufactured homes have a shorter repayment term.

Here's a chart that illustrates the loan term for a manufactured home.

Manufactured home scenarioMaximum VA loan term
Double-wide manufactured home23 years and 32 days
Double-wide manufactured home plus land25 years and 32 days
Land purchased for a home you already own15 years and 32 days
Single-family manufactured home and land purchase20 years and 32 days

What is a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured homes are structures that were built after June 15th, 1976 and meet the requirements of the Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act.

A manufactured home, also known as a mobile home or trailer, is a house that was built entirely in a factory and is built on a permanent steel chassis. Other names for manufactured homes include mobile homes and trailers (rather than a permanent foundation).

These dwellings are often constructed on wheels that may be removed after being towed to the location of the permanent dwelling, which can either be privately owned by the homeowner or rented by the homeowner.

HUD has established a set of building regulations that must be adhered to throughout the construction of a prefabricated house. A prefabricated house may be recognized by its HUD tag, which is one of the major methods to do so.

Manufactured Home Requirements

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) establishes the construction regulations that manufactured houses, which are wholly constructed inside of factories, are required to comply with (HUD). The following must be present in order to qualify for a prefabricated house from the VA:

Permanently attached to that is not removable

Minimum interior floor size of 700 square feet

The home is required to be designated a real estate entity in accordance with state law and to satisfy all the municipal zoning criteria for real estate as outlined in Chapter 12 of VA Pamphlet 26-7.

Manufactured houses are required to have a metal identification plate attached to the structure. The identification tag is also known as a "red tag" or a "HUD tag."

In addition, prefabricated houses are required to include a “data plate” somewhere within the home. This plate is often attached to the wall of a bedroom closet or the wall of a kitchen cabinet. A data plate is a label that provides information about the home, including its dimensions and other technical details.

Rotating question markFrequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a VA funding fee with a manufactured home loan?

A. Yes, there is a funding fee with a manufactured home loan. This fee is typically a percentage of the loan amount and is used to cover the costs of originating and servicing the loan.

Q. Is there mortgage insurance on a manufactured home loan?

A. There is no mortgage insurance on a VA loan for a manufactured home. The VA guarantees a portion of the loan, so the lender is protected against loss if the borrower defaults.

Q. Can I roll in the closing costs into a manufactured home loan?

A. Typical closing costs cannot be rolled into a VA manufactured home loan. However, seller paid closing costs can defray most or all closing costs, if agreed to by the seller.

Another option is to ask the lender to pay a portion of the closing costs in exchange with a higher mortgage rate.

Manufactured Home Calculator

To calculate your mortgage payment on a VA manufactured home loan, use our handy calculator tool. Just enter in your loan amount, interest rate, and loan term, and we'll do the rest!

Note: The minimum down payment for a VA mobile home loan is 5%.

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Manufactured home scenario Maximum VA loan term
Double-wide manufactured home 23 years and 32 days
Double-wide manufactured home plus land 25 years and 32 days
Land purchased for a home you already own 15 years and 32 days
Single-family manufactured home and land purchase 20 years and 32 days
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