12 Common VA Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Notebook with common mistakes written on a pageIf you're a veteran or active-duty service member, a VA loan can be an excellent option for purchasing a home. However, many borrowers make mistakes during the process that could cost them time and money. In this article, we'll go over common VA loan mistakes to avoid, so you can make the most of your benefits and purchase your dream home with confidence.

Here Are Some of the Most Common VA Loan mistakes:

Not getting pre-approved for a loan before you start shopping for a home This will show sellers that you are a serious buyer and that you will likely be approved for a loan.

  1. Not fully comprehending the closing costs associated with a VA loan can lead to unexpected financial burdens. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of these costs before signing any paperwork to avoid any surprises down the line.
  2. Failing to select a reputable lender can have negative consequences when obtaining a VA loan. With many lenders offering VA loans, conducting thorough research and choosing a trusted lender is vital to ensure a smooth borrowing experience.
  3. Underestimating the importance of having a good credit score can impact your ability to secure a VA loan at a favorable interest rate. A higher credit score increases the chances of loan approval and can result in lower interest rates, saving you money in the long run.
  4. Neglecting to maintain a low debt-to-income ratio can hinder your chances of getting approved for a VA loan. Lenders typically prefer borrowers with a lower debt-to-income percentage, as it signifies a healthier financial situation.
  5. Overlooking the significance of having a down payment of at least 20% can result in the requirement of paying private mortgage insurance (PMI). A substantial down payment can help you avoid this additional expense and save money over the life of the loan.
  6. Failing to shop around for the best interest rate can lead to missed opportunities for savings. Interest rates can vary among lenders, so it is crucial to compare rates and terms to secure the most favorable loan terms possible.
  7. Disregarding your VA loan eligibility can be a costly oversight. Not all veterans are eligible for VA loans, so it is essential to verify your eligibility before applying to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria.
  8. Not thoroughly understanding the VA loan requirements can lead to unnecessary complications during the application process. Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements to qualify for a VA loan to streamline the application and approval process.
  9. Overlooking the complexity of the VA loan process can cause confusion and delays. Take the time to educate yourself about the process, including documentation requirements and timelines, to navigate the loan process with confidence.
  10. Failing to grasp the advantages of VA loans can mean missing out on valuable benefits. VA loans offer benefits such as no down payment and no mortgage insurance, making them an attractive option for eligible borrowers. Ensure you understand and appreciate these benefits before deciding on a loan.
  11. Not acknowledging the potential drawbacks of VA loans can lead to unrealistic expectations. Although VA loans offer significant advantages, such as flexible requirements, they may come with higher interest rates compared to conventional loans. It's important to weigh these drawbacks against the benefits to make an informed decision.
  12. Neglecting to explore VA loan alternatives can limit your options. Other loan programs, such as FHA loans and USDA loans, may also be suitable for your specific needs and circumstances. Considering all available alternatives will help you choose the loan that best aligns with your financial goals.

By following these tips, veterans can avoid common VA loan mistakes and increase their chances of buying a home.


As you embark on the journey of homeownership with a VA loan, it's crucial to stay informed and avoid common mistakes. By thoroughly researching lenders, understanding your budget, and preparing all necessary paperwork, you can streamline the process and avoid costly errors. Remember, your VA loan benefit is a powerful tool for achieving your homeownership goals - make the most of it!

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